Armada Music releases first track of 14-year old Erik van den Boom

September 26th, 2011

The debut single of Dutch dance producer Erik van den Boom is now available on iTunes. Under his Erik Arbores moniker, the 14-year old talent released his ‘Take It’ E.P. on the ZOUK label of record company Armada Music. ‘Take It’, includes three strong prog-house tracks and is ready to conquer the global club scene.

Erik’s musical talent was discovered when Erik was invited to Dutch TV show ‘De Wereld Draait Door’, where he showed Armin van Buuren one of his tracks. Van Buuren, fellow-owner of Armada Music, was very impressed. Since then, Erik received his first record deal at Armada Music and feedback from ‘Take It’ has been very positive. Jochen Miller, Kid Massive,  DJ Feel, The Thrillseekers, Guiseppe Ottaviani and Ali Wilson are only just a few  of the DJ’s supporting the package. One of the biggest US radio stations, Sirius XM, has also played ‘Bliss’, one of the three tracks in the E.P..

Exciting but hectic times are ahead for Erik. He just started studying Technical Physics at the University of Delft and is currently busy promoting the ‘Take It’ E.P.. Luckily, the ambitious producer still has some time left to produce more music. Erik:”I just can’t live without it.”

Erik Arbores’ ‘Take It’ E.P. is now available on iTunes.