The 100th ZOUK release is coming…

The 100th ZOUK release is coming…

August 25th, 2011

Be prepared. Brace yourself. Get ready. The 100th release of the mighty ZOUK Recordings is coming up and you’ve got only 2 weeks left to prepare for its impact.

Four years and innumerable highlights have passed since the launch of the beloved ZOUK Recordings. We’ve had house, trance, progressive and everything in between, mingle with hip-hop, break beat, drum ‘n bass and more. ZOUK’s a pool of diversity, and everyone’s invited for a swim.

Finnish producer duo Marcus Maison & Will Dragen are responsible for creating a real ZOUK vibe across the progressive house scene. It all started with ‘In The Horizon’, turning out to be quite the prophetic kick-off, with many more good stuff to come from these talented producers. ‘Road To Euphoria’ and ‘Digital Freedom’ soon followed. But the greatest hit of them all, was the melodramatic and all-destroying ‘Another Dimension’. For this ZOUK 100 pack, they invited singer/songwriter Amba Sheperd to reshape their musical weapon to ‘Reign’, the stunning vocal version of ‘Another Dimension’. Amba’s soothing vocals pierce right through you, creating a fresh, unique vibe to the contagious prog-house energy of Marcus Maison & Will Dragen.

Another biggie from the ZOUK stallion comes from Russian soil. Matisse & Sadko have played it out loud during many occasions, including the massive Sensation show in Russia. Supported by the giants of EDM, it immediately caused a rage on the global dance floor. It was ‘Hi, Scandinavia!’ and it was played out loud.  This all-season hit will continue to rock speakers, but this time in its vocal version, ‘We’re Not Alone’. Set to unite masses, it’s the voice of British singer Ollie James that carries this peak-timer to an even higher level. ‘We’re Not Alone’ is a celebration in its own right!

Let’s start the countdown!

Out on September 12th.