Gafry & More – Tripod & Early June

August 30th, 2011

Dan Gafry and Michael More bring you an ode to that moment of sweet surrender on the dancefloor, as you get lost inside the rapturous beat of two new lucky charms on the Electronic Element label. Next in line for dance floor practices after their ‘D Camera’ and ‘Crystal’ early last year, are the dynamically deep duo of ‘Early June’ and ‘Tripod’.

This duo is heavy and underground, making you lose yourself inside a maze of proggy deep details. ‘Early June’ builds with a seductive flow that grasps from the moment it kicks off, fusing with a soothing melody as it wraps into a progressive-house anthem of absolute delicacy. ‘Tripod’ hits in even harder, clearly created with the mission to abduct any dance floor in sight. A rich, big-room prog-house track with a dark and dirty feel to it.

Let’s see if you can resist their overpowering sound.

Download on Beatport.

  1. Tripod (Original Mix) (08:15)
  2. Early June (Original Mix) (07:13)