Ascension – Someone

August 21st, 2011

In the mid 90’s, there was one particular duo that stood out. It were producers Ricky Simmonds and Stephan Jones that scored one trance hit after the next. This UK duo has helped cementing the foundations of trance music, under guises such as Lustral, Chakra, The Space Brothers, Oxygen and Ascension. In 1997, it was their track ‘Someone’ that hit a release on the Perfecto label. It hit the UK chart, swept global dance floors and moved ten-thousands of dance lovers.

‘Someone’ is a powerful and melodic masterpiece of trance, with tender vocals and a highly energetic buzz. Discover the roots of trance, and take a trip into history!

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  1. Someone (Original Mix) (08:58)
  2. Someone (Signum Vocal Mix) (08:38)
  3. Someone (Robert Vadney Remix) (08:29)
  4. Someone (The Space Brothers Dub) (07:11)
  5. Someone (Signum Dub Remix) (08:40)