Support Dash Berlin

Support Dash Berlin

July 31st, 2011

Last year in October, when the DJ Mag results of 2010 came in, there was one big winner. Dutch DJ Dash Berlin was the highest new entry, hitting in at position 15 of the Top 100. The producer behind ‘Till The Sky Falls Down’, the IDMA-award winning ‘Waiting’, ‘Disarm Yourself’, ‘Earth Hour’ and the latest single ‘Better Half Of Me’ had a hard time believing it himself. But it was and is very much true, within less than 4 years, Dash Berlin has become one of the most popular DJ’s in the world.

This year, after the release of his ‘The New Daylight’ artist album and two ‘United Destination’ compilations, the Dutchman is working hard on a follow-up album. ‘Better Half Of Me’, featuring Jonathan Mendolsohn, is one of the first singles taken from the new and promising album. However, it’s not only his productions that make the trance loving hearts rumble, but also his energetic sets.

Thousands of trance lovers unite to catch a spark of Dash Berlin magic. Worldwide gigs, everywhere from Mexico to Moscow and Amsterdam to Melbourne, everyone gets a piece of Dash Berlin!

With new promising sets and productions ahead, Dash Berlin would really appreciate your support on this year’s DJ Mag Top 100 Poll! Cast your vote now!