Support Armin and tyDi for Australia’s Inthemix Awards!

Support Armin and tyDi for Australia’s Inthemix Awards!

July 18th, 2011

When it comes to nocturnal adventures, Australia’s knows how to get down. Not only do the Ozzies know how to party, they also know what music to party to. The Australian dance scene is growing bigger and better every year, and so is its annual inthemix50 poll. In 2011, the renowned DJ Poll Top 50 is transformed into the inthemix Awards, with awards in many different categories.  And guess what? We need your support on this one.


Support tyDi!
For two years, young talent Tyson Illingworth was the leading DJ in the critically acclaimed Top 50. The 23 year old Brisbane based producer and DJ doesn’t only tour Australia on a weekly base, he also takes the time to pay visits to his American, Asian, Russian and European fans. In 2010, the guy behind singles ‘Russia’, ‘You Walk Away’, ‘Vanilla’ and the latest ‘Never Go Back’ won the ‘Best Breakthrough DJ’ award at the International Dance Music Awards in Miami, followed by a number 56 ranking in the renowned DJ Mag Top 100 list. Next to a whole bunch of exciting gigs planned, 2011 also has a brand new artist album in stores for tyDi fans. ‘Shooting Stars’ is set for release on Armada Music in mid August and will surely make tyDi’s name rise to stardom.

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Support Armin!
This year, Armin van Buuren let the grand finale of his A State of Trance 500 tour take place in beloved Sydney. A very special happening, marking the 10 year anniversary of the A State of Trance radioshow, uniting millions of dance music lovers through music. The fourth Armin Only – Mirage show since the kick-off in November 2010, took place in the Etihad Arena of Melbourne during NYE. And well, need we say more about his status as the number one DJ in the DJ Mag Top 100, for the fourth year running? We guess not.

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Please note:  If you’re living outside of Australia and you’d like to cast your vote, use any random 4 digit postcode. Voting ends August 14th, so be quick.  Thanks for the support!