Laserkraft 3D – Weightless

July 22nd, 2011

Laserkraft 3D has warmed up for the next summer hit. A year back, it was their minimalistic ‘Nein, Mann’ that became a real phenomenon on the global floors, resulting in a golden record and millions of people catching the Laserkraft 3D hype. This summer, the German act is ready for the next round. Their weapon of choice? The rocktronic, electrifying, contagious ‘Weightless’!

Right at home at the ZOUK label, ‘Weightless’ kicks in with an energetic mix of rock, electro and house. The deep-voiced vocals take it to a higher level, making ‘Weightless’ a heavy-weight follow-up to ‘Nein, Mann’. This one will bring every club to its boiling point, in both its original version and more electro-minded remix of The Goooniez.

The B-side rocks away with the sexy tech-house sounds of ‘Digital Madchen’. German, ‘Nein, Mann’- like vocals and heavy kicks make this one another sure shot at peak time madness!

Download on iTunes.

  1. Weightless (Radio Cut) (03:25)
  2. Weightless (Single Edit) (04:00)
  3. Weightless (Original Mix) (05:34)
  4. Weightless (The Goooniez Remix) (05:15)
  5. Digitale Mädchen (Original Mix) (06:34)
  6. Digitale Mädchen (Dub Mix) (06:34)