Roger Shah presents his new album: Openminded!?

Roger Shah presents his new album: Openminded!?

June 21st, 2011

With his new artist album, Roger Shah poses an important question. Are you Openminded!?

Following his two DJ Shah albums and three long-players under his synonymous Sunlounger alias, this release represents the first track collection from Roger under his own name. Lining up an all-star vocal cast from the EDM world and beyond, including Sian Kosheen and Moya Brennan, ‘Openminded!?’ is about to reveal a completely different side of the Shah sound you’re used to.

As its title subtly suggests, this album is something of a departure from the ‘endless summer’ style of Balearic trance that Roger has been renowned for to-date. ‘Openminded!? consciously widens his electronic dance focus, forging down several new stylistic avenues. Coming as a 2 disc set and sporting parallel Club and Album versions, it provides maximum adaptability for the listener.

‘Openminded!?’ will be released in July 2011. More info soon!