Marcus Maison & Will Dragen – The Getaway / Super Cool Lounge Music

June 24th, 2011

No bikini-proof diet for the ZOUK label! There’s no stopping the madness of the phat beats of Marcus Maison and Will Dragen…and that’s exactly the way we like it! The Finnish producer duo brought summer on a rainy day with ‘Another Dimension’, made lightning strike on crystal clear days with ‘In The Horizon’ and rocked thousands of souls with ‘Road To Euphoria’ and ‘Digital Freedom’.

But a new day has come. And so it’s time for the dynamic duo to bring something new to the table. The Getaway E.P. is as versatile as the previous releases. ‘The Getaway’ is an energetic bit of feel-good trouse, tingling with piano, while the super smooth ‘Super Cool Lounge Music’ lives up to its name by combining sax with tranquilizing progressive house. Double pleasure!

Download on Beatport.

  1. The Getaway (Original Mix) (06:41)
  2. Super Cool Lounge Music (Original Mix) (07:03)
  3. The Getaway (Radio Edit) (03:22)
  4. Super Cool Lounge Music (Radio Edit) (03:14)