Liv & Mim NERVO make it feel so good

Liv & Mim NERVO make it feel so good

June 23rd, 2011

Dance land has completely fallen for the charms of Australian multi-talents Liv and Mim Nervo. They’ve worked themselves up to one of today’s most requested songwriting, singing, DJ’ing and producing duo, standing out with a contagious, feel-good sound.

A few months back, we were introduced to the production skills of the sisters. Their ‘Irresistible’ turned into an absolute hit, both on the dancefloor as well as in the global charts and on the radio. But there’s more. On the way to the top, Liv and Mim have spread their talent by co-producing several smashing productions. After the sensational David Guetta & Kelly Rowland collab ‘When Love Takes Over’, the ladies took on the next job. All together, they’ve co-produced and did the vocal production for three jewels of Armin van Buuren’s ‘Mirage’ album.

Together with singers Sophie Ellis Bextor, Laura V. and Nadia Ali, they created the spark in ‘Not Giving Up On Love’, ‘Drowning’ and ‘Feels So Good’.  The latest Armin single, ‘Feels So Good’, has just been released.  Want to know how Armin got to work with Liv and Mim? Let Armin explain!

Armin:” We just wanted to try something different for the album, to see if we can inspire other songwriters or maybe write a song out of it ourselves. In March or April last year, we started to send this demo around. In the summer I met the NERVO sisters, a really talented duo from Australia. These girls are just amazing!  They are great singers, songwriters and have such positive energy. They heard the demo, this melodic song, and were like ‘Oh my god, this is so great! We want to write a track to it!’. Maykel, my manager, was in New York and introduced Liv and Mim to Nadia Ali, and showed her the track as well. The three got in a really mood and wrote the lyrics to ‘Feels So Good’. They sent us a part of the song and Benno and me immediately fell in love with it. It had such a great vibe to it and it was very, very different. It was so far remote from what I normally do, which is more euphoric, uplifting and that sort of stuff. But in the past I used to make a lot of house records, so I thought it might be a nice challenge to make something different for the album. A little bit summery, vocally, less drums in there, more focused on a song. And so the three of them came up with the original vocals, which are really, really great! I could bet money on it: if the girls go back to the studio and try to recreate that vibe, it will never happen. There is something magical about this song!”

Stay tuned for more musical NERVO madness, beauties and surprises, and enjoy ‘Feels So Good’ in the meantime. Download ‘Feels So Good’ on Beatport and check out the official music video!