House Mini Mix 2011 – 005

June 18th, 2011

Let’s make a little bet and see if you can stand still with the block-rocking beats of the new House Mini Mix playing! Head off to the proggy house depths, rock it down with electric kicks and sweep away with rousing melodies. The House Mini Mix of 2011 has got it all. Number 5 hits in with the new tunes or remixes of Dark Matters, Aly & Fila, Chris Reece, Milan & Phoenix and Eco. Break the house down!

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  1. Dark Matters feat. Ana Criado – The Quest Of A Dream (Dabruck & Klein Remix) (06:51)
  2. Aly & Fila feat. Josie – Listening (Tom Fall Remix) (07:35)
  3. Chris Reece feat. Colton Ford – Tonight (Leventina Club Mix) (06:52)
  4. Milan & Phoenix – Circus (Original Mix) (05:37)
  5. Eco feat. Jeza – Over Paper Skies (Hysteria! Remix) (04:10)
  6. Various Artists. – House Mini Mix 2011 – 005 (Full Continuous Mix) (26:23)