Ready for the Winter Kills & Ørjan Nilsen albums?

Ready for the Winter Kills & Ørjan Nilsen albums?

May 31st, 2011

The wait is almost over. This Friday, both Winter Kills and Ørjan Nilsen will release their debut album. Time for a short introduction with both of these gifted artists.

Josh Gabriel & Meredith Call present Winter Kills
Certainly not the first album in his career, and surely not the last. Josh Gabriel has been breathing, eating and living music, and has been at it for more than 25 years. Not only known for his solo work, but for his legendary Gabriel & Dresden, Andain and Motorcycle collabs as well, Josh had all the experience and passion to start a new project: Winter Kills. Together with American songstress Meredith Call, he kicked off Winter Kills in 2008, with ‘Deep Down’ as the first and promising single of the now to be revealed first album. In a time where originality is a merit of art, EDM horizon reveals a new beacon of light. The Winter Kills album is a treasury of down- and up-tempo jewels, crossing borders of deep progressive, imaginative pop, retro groove and all else needed to create magic.

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Ørjan Nilsen – In My Opinion
Sometimes, you just know the time is ripe for young talent to take the next step. For Norwegian producer Ørjan Nilsen, that time is now. After months of hard work in the studio, he proudly presents ‘In My Opinion’. Days of experimenting, blending and shaping now come together in an album that is, sounds and represents Ørjan. Ørjan:”I can’t describe it other than being me. The sound you’re hearing is me, and how I feel and think. It seems like I have so many things that need to get to the surface, and I’m showing that through my music.”
15 jewels of tracks tell the colorful story of musical talent, touching you on the inside with a palette of melody, beats, synths and a whole lot of feeling to glue it together. From his big summer hit ‘La Guitarra’ to the brand new and energetic ‘Between The Rays’, to feel-good ‘So Long Radio’ and thundering ‘Mjuzik’, with this album you tune into diversity.    

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