Ørjan Nilsen never stopped dreaming

Ørjan Nilsen never stopped dreaming

May 14th, 2011

An inexhaustible drive to decode his feelings into music, that’s what has kept Norwegian producer Ørjan Nilsen going in the past few years. It’s a matter of days before his very first artist album sees its releases. ‘In My Opinion’ reveals all of his personal blends, soul-sketches and open mindedness. A moment Ørjan will always remember and many dance lovers along with him. Brace yourself for what’s about to come and get a little pre-taste with this interview, as Ørjan explains all about dreams coming true.

Only a few weeks to go before the big moment: the release of your debut album. Now, how does that feel!?
Ørjan:”I feel like it’s my first release again, a feeling I thought was lost during all these years!
Now I always get excited before a release, but this is something really special, I’m releasing a dream more or less!”

Besides being extremely excited, is there also a part of you that’s nervous and insecure on how it’s going to be received?
Ørjan:”Oh most definitely, there’s always that part of you that takes over for a little while, especially when you’ve put so much of yourself into it. I think whenever you’re this proud of something, being nervous is just natural.”

We’re just gonna go for the obvious question : why the title ‘In My Opinion’?
Ørjan:”Obvious reason, cause the album IS ‘In My Opinion’. I love trance, but I can also appreciate summerish house, some filthy tech that just makes you move, or all of those combined! The beauty with music, it works on so many levels it would be a tragedy not to try and take the best of all those parts and try to merge. So, this is, In My Opinion, how a blend of EDM should sound like.”

You’re one of the few producers that didn’t collaborate with any other producers for the album. Is there a reason why?
Ørjan:”Well yes, it’s a Solo Artist album, wouldn’t have felt right making one if there were someone else involved in my productions. I did consider involving a few, but I just had so much inspiration while making this album that in the end, there wasn’t room for any collaborations.”

‘In My Opinion’ also features ‘La Guitarra’, possibly still your biggest track so far. What kind of changes did you go through since the release of that summer hit, musically wise?
Ørjan:”Oh a lot of changes I think, especially technically and sound wise. One of the coolest things about music is that it always evolves and you always find yourself learning something new.
I’ve learned over the past couple of years how to really get every little sound stand out on its own, which is probably also one of my signature things in a track.”

Has there ever been a moment, in those past few years, that you didn’t feel like you’d ever reach this moment? Or did you never stop dreaming?
Ørjan:”Well yeah sure, I think every producer hits that point during his/her career, cause you just can’t decide when to have inspiration and a good workflow, it just comes to you. I remember sometime around 2009 I started to feel a bit drained, that things weren’t happening the way I wanted them to, but I took that experience as a challenge, I wanted to take control again. I never stopped dreaming, not even when everything was at the darkest and at this moment, I know that was a good decision. ”

Either way, it’s all happening now! J Is there a certain flow to the album, did you try to build it around a story?
Ørjan:”That’s the fun part, I didn’t even realize it when I made it, but every track and how it’s compiled is actually how my life works, and probably how life works for many others as well.
It got the slow parts, the fun parts, the darkness and the happiness, all combined it’s what everyone has. The story would be just that, it’s everyday life interpreted into music.”

Got any personal favourites or tracks you’re particularly proud of?
Ørjan:”That I do, ‘Down The Line’ cause I can still remember walking around at my old job humming the melody of it into my cellphone so I wouldn’t forget the melody, which just came to me all of a sudden. ‘The Mule’ because I kind of took a big leap towards house and that I can handle more minimalistic productions aswell. And ‘Redemption’ which is a special track for quite a few reasons, which I will keep personal for now ;).”

The tracks on the album go from energetic tech-house with a trance twist to Balearic and slightly uplifting trance, all the way back to melodic house. Is there anything you can’t do, Ørjan?
Ørjan:”Haha, I hope not, that would probably drive me insane!! And then I’d try to do it until I’d gotten it right!”

A few months back in an interview you told us you had so much creativity flowing, one potential hit after the next left your studio. Are you taking a bit of rest now that ‘In My Opinion’ is finished, or are you already working towards the next album?
Ørjan:”Rest..? Yea I’ve heard of that, sounds boring! I’m already working on a lot of new stuff, maybe for a new album or maybe for something else? Time will tell, as they say!”

There’s going to be a special bonus version of ‘In My Opinion’, with three bonus tracks. Were those the ones that didn’t fit but still needed to be on the album?
Ørjan:”I would say that the question pretty much answered itself there! But yes, these needed to be on the album as well, and one of them is actually an old track that might have been a little ahead of its time when it was made, a track people have been asking about for around 4 years already. Now was the perfect time to include it.”

Last but not least, what’s the main reason people should buy ‘In My Opinion’?
Ørjan:”So they can make up their own opinions.”