Mark Burton – Boludo

May 16th, 2011

Mark Burton takes one giant leap at a time. Mostly known for his highly talented DJ skills, which he uses for residencies all across the UK, he wows the British crowds week after week. A bit over a year ago, he decided to create his own sounds and set another milestone in his musical career. Created in his studio in Northern Ireland, he released his debut track ‘The Fifth Element’ on the successful Soundpiercing imprint.

A year later, he finds himself signed at Paul van Dyk’s VANDIT Records, where he kicks in with the floor-filling follow-up, ‘Boludo’. In contrast to the uplifting trancy ‘The Fifth Element’, ‘Boludo’ rides a techy sound, exploding with massive lead sounds, catchy melodies and tough beats. If your taste is the blend of prog, trance and tech, ‘Boludo’ will serve you well.

No stranger to VANDIT is the German production and DJ team Reaves & Ahorn. They already proofed remixing skills on Paul van Dyk’s Detournement, Kuffdam’s Last Time and Thomas Bronzwear’s Resound. Now in charge of trance-ing up Burton’s Boludo, Danny and Martin speed it up and bang it out – with love from Berlin.

Download on Beatport.

  1. Boludo (Original Mix) (07:02)
  2. Boludo (Reaves & Ahorn Remix) (07:29)