Dakota feat. Grandmaster Mele Mel & Scorpio – Sleepwalkers (Music Video)

May 16th, 2011

Back in at the start of this month, Markus crossed paths with the legendary Mele Mel and Scorpio – members of seminal rap outfit The Furious Five. Creators of renowned anti-narcotic track ‘White Lines (Don’t, Don’t Do It)’ and deliverers of ‘The Message’, they’d been heroes of Markus’ since he was old enough to break. Steel wheels turned, deals were done and now Markus is delighted to present not just the massive turbine trance of the original ‘Sleepwalkers’, but also a doubly dope vocal version featuring the word’s first ever rap MC Mele Mel and Hip-Hop grandmaster Scorpio.

The result: a huge radio-baiting, block-rocking club-tumbler that’ll throw open the door to summer 2011!

In honour of the occasion, once the studio work was done and before Mele Mel and Scorpio headed back off to New York, Markus convened an old-skool reunion at Miami’s Club Space in their honour. Kangols went on, Adidas got donned… and the ‘Sleepwalkers’ video was shot.