Out now: VANDIT 10 Years EP 2

Out now: VANDIT 10 Years EP 2

April 28th, 2011

2010 was a memorable year in many ways, but mostly was it the year of the legendary VANDIT label.

The label, owned by globally acclaimed DJ and producer Paul van Dyk, reached its 10 year anniversary. Be invited to join the label on a journey back in time, with the second anniversary E.P of VANDIT classics, remixed by one of the stars from the first hour: Giuseppe Ottaviani. Rediscover the label’s musical legacy – from a completely new point of view.

Part of trance history, is the beloved ‘Marcos – Cosmic String’. From the hands of UK producer Mark Dearden and originally released in 2004, it has been hammered by the big jocks ever since. And it’s about to go for a re-run with an extraordinary remix in this package. No one less than Italian producer Giuseppe Ottaviani re-rocked this classic to an even more energetic, strong floorsweeper!

VANDIT’s home-boy also hyped the 2003 release of ‘Castaneda – Floor Control’, taking full charge with a well constructed, more progressive  take on this floor destroyer! And that’s not all there is to this package!

A live act from beautiful Rome wow’d the trance scene around the millennium – NU NRG, with its creative mind Giuseppe Ottaviani. One of their biggest singles was Butterfly, a beautiful and uplifting trance production. And who would be better to wrap it into an up to date 2011 look than the original mastermind  himself?

Last but not least, this package includes an exciting new take on Giuseppe’s very own ‘Linking People’. In his production kitchen he took care of a nicely done 2011 upgrade, kicking in with moody beats, lighting it up with feel-good sounds and prog-trancy kicks.
You don’t want to miss VANDIT’s 10 Years EP number 2, remixed reworked revamped by Giuseppe Ottaviani.

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