Max Gueli – Sprinkled Melody & Back To Space

Max Gueli – Sprinkled Melody & Back To Space

April 20th, 2011

Max Gueli is a real world citizen. Born and raised in South Africa, he immigrated to Europe at the age of 21. After living in the UK for three years, he returned to his current residency, Rome in Italy. With all those multicultural influences reflecting in his productions, it’s no surprise his music is of a different kind. After outstanding previous releases like ‘Gray Star’ and ‘Happy Gloom’, he’s now inviting you to join him on his journey with his new ‘Back To Space’ & ‘Sprinkled Melody’ EP.

Are you in need of something completely different? Something, that sounds like a perfect mixture of drum & bass, chill-out and trance? Then be sure not to miss out on Max’s ‘Back To Space’! Break-beats with original and unusual effect join forces with lovely piano sounds – an interplay which will leave you nothing but speechless.

You’ll find the heavier, darker side of Max on ‘Sprinkled Melody’, a balancing act of techno and progressive, and all that with a trancy, melodic core. Diversity is Max’ middle name, that’s a fact.

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