Sneijder – Back To Berlin / Checkpoint

March 30th, 2011

He’s been doing the real deal for only 3 years, and he already has the A-list of DJ’s on his side. Irishman Andrew Liggett has been stirring things up with diversity. His heavy-weighing ‘The Phuture’ unlocked a tech-trance sound unheard before, while ‘Away From Here’ revealed the more uplifting, sensitive side of the talented producer. On his latest double release, ‘Back To Berlin’ & ‘Checkpoint’, he flawlessly matches the VANDIT character and sound – and not just music-wise, cause what title would make a better fit than Paul van Dyk’s homebase, Berlin?

Built around a constant drive, ‘Back To Berlin’ and ‘Checkpoint’ will give you a new rhythm to dance to. On ‘Back To Berlin’, Andrew toyed around with some extraordinary synths, to deliver a surprising pay-off in the end. ‘Checkpoint’ is driven by a much tighter, cold bass. The production’s twisting and turning between styles, but has a true, trance-worthy breakdown after all.

Download on Beatport.


  1. Back To Berlin (Original Mix) (08:06)
  2. Checkpoint (Original Mix) (08:00)