Faruk Sabanci – Jessica’s Sanctuary

March 11th, 2011

We’re at a time that the up and coming talents seem to be getting younger and younger, as they start producing. Another promising prospect of tomorrow, is granted to us by Turkish producer Faruk Sabanci. The 18-year old has been involved in the scene for two years already, owning his own label and already clocking up 15 releases, including his team-up with Truby on VANDIT, ‘Leaving Ankara’. His latest tune ‘Jessica’s Sanctuary’ has kept him away from daylight, spending many hours in the studio again. But as is the case with every young talent: every single second was worth it.

‘Jessica’s Sanctuary’ seems to be describing a dark place, full of bold bass and deep sound effects. But there’s a spark of light in there, for gentle piano-lines fill a heartfelt break and turn into tight synths after this highlight moment. Faruk has made a grand debut on the AROPA label, that’s for sure.

On the remix, it’s Californian producer Ken Loi who added some of his magic to ‘Jessica’s Sanctuary’. As the original version was aiming for the prog-trance corner, Ken Loi’s rework kicks in with more uplifting sounds, including an orchestral break.

Download now on Beatport.

  1. Jessica’s Sanctuary (Original Mix) (07:13)
  2. Jessica’s Sanctuary (Ken Loi Remix) (06:20)