Want to create the new cover for John O’Callaghan’s album?

Want to create the new cover for John O’Callaghan’s album?

January 18th, 2011

The new album by John O’Callaghan is due for release in April 2011 – and he needs you! While he takes care of the music, all talented artists are welcome to try out a design idea for the album’s cover. John is open to abstract, sketches, minimal, filtered, scene, portraits – anything creative!

A note from John:
“Hey guys, what a couple of years it has been! Since my last album, my life has been crazy – travelling constantly and also having a new member of my family (my son Jack) … and I have seen some amazing places around the world. For me ‘Unfold’ means a lot of things, mainly the unfolding of my musical career and production mind, growing and developing constantly – this is something I hold close to my heart. Also on a personal level, my life away from the music has unfolded with my wonderful son Jack, which has brought many new aspects to my life. I believe that production is about learning and expanding, and letting your mind unfold. So, best of luck with the artwork- can’t wait to see it! Cheers, John.”

126 mm x 126 mm
3mm bleed each side

John O’Callaghan Press / Action / Logo pack – Download

Send your ideas in JPG/PDF format to: subculture@jointoperationscentre.com

More info here.