Prague ’11 special in Global DJ Broadcast!

Prague ’11 special in Global DJ Broadcast!

January 20th, 2011

The world is early anticipating the release of the next musical city tour. It’s the vibrant city of Prague that has Markus Schulz’ full focus attention this year. His ‘Prague ’11′ compilation will not only reflect what’s happening in the city in the hear-&-now, but also Markus’ many musical experiences in the Czech Republic at large. Markus:”The clubbing population has embraced trance & progressive music on a grand scale and this is me holding a mirror up to it.”

The album will be release January 28th, and has its official album release party on February 12th in club SaSaZu in Prague. If you want to be have a little sneak preview of the album and get a feel of the city, tonight’s Global DJ Broadcast will be serving you a ‘Prague ’11′ special!

Be sure to tune in, check for broadcast times!

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Release date: January 28h 2011.