Out now: Matt Lange – Antithesis / Disintegrate

January 26th, 2011

Whoever’s in fear that EDM won’t reinvent itself, needs to keep their eyes open to new talent. Tomorrow’s got promising prospects for dance music, with talents popping up out of nowhere, everywhere. One of them is Matt Lange, who’s previous tracks ‘Anywhere With You Is Home’ and ‘East Coast / Resonate’ left a new must-hear name on the list of many elite DJ’s. More highlights to fill the silence are his new tracks ‘Antithesis’ and ‘Disintegrate’, ready to prove dance is anything but dead.

The first act, ‘Antithesis’, heads down the prog-road, complete with a dark, pulsating bassline and genuinely layered synths. While this one is more melodic, ‘Disintegrate’ is even tighter in its sounds. Twisting and turning in its effects and with an extraordinary synth-scape in the break, ‘Disintegrate’ is a flawless example of quality prog.

Download now on Beatport.

  1. Antithesis (Original Mix)
  2. Disintegrate (Original Mix)