Trance Top 1000 revealed!

Trance Top 1000 revealed!

December 16th, 2010

The trance community has spoken. You have spoken. With nearly 100.000 votes for more than 10.000 different tracks and remixes, the answer to the big question has been given. What is the ultimate trance track of all time?

History’s first independent Trance Top 1000 will now be revealed. The Top 1000 turned out to be a real mix of old, young and future classics. The crowd has voted Delerium’s ‘Silence’ collab with Sarah McLachlan as their official number one trance track of all time. We’re pretty sure ‘Silence’ will continue to fill silence for many years to go.

The Top 100 of the Trance Top 1000 will be broadcasted on Sirius XM’s Electric Area for A State of Sundays, December 26th.  Make sure you tune in!

If you want to see music videos of a selection of the Top 1000 tracks, be sure to check out Memories-flashback guaranteed!

Want to find out which tracks made up for the other 999 places? Find out at now!