Three ‘N One – Reflect 2011 music video online!

December 8th, 2010

This release sends you right back to the early days, where the beloved melody of Three’ N One’s all time classic ‘Reflect’ turned your moments on the floor into everlasting memories. These memories go as far back as the year 1996, with the infancy Love Parade gathering music lovers from all across the globe, bringing back the flower-power feel of the sixties. After re-releasing the track’s original version in the summer of 2009, Armada Music now awaits you with a second flashback to the good old times: The ‘Reflect’ remix package.

German duo About Blank & KLC kick in with a violent, but feel-good attack on your senses. Philipp & Achim’s rework empowered the original with a twisting and turning firework of effects. After toying around with countless layers and the main melody-line, the outcome is huge! The same goes for the remix of the German producers Nils van Gogh vs. Sunloverz. Their rework remains closer to the original ‘Reflect’, but give it a modern, 2010-fit hint of today’s sound. Last but not least, we find Englishman Mike Foyle on remix duties for this one. Known for his diversity, he used various styles and sounds and created a dreamy atmosphere in the break as well as floor-destroying beats after its climax.

A remix package filled with variety, combining the past with the brand new present.