Check the Signum – For You album previews!

Check the Signum – For You album previews!

December 1st, 2010

For nearly 15 years it’s a known fact that whatever leaves the Signum studio, is a sure-shot at quality trance and dance music. Ron Hagen and Pascal Minnaard have kept trance alive throughout the years and will continue to do so for a whole lot more coming. Years and years after their first release on Armada, they now present their debut album, ‘For You’.

Including collabs with Roger Shah, Antonia Lucas, Kate Louis Smith and Julie Thompson, ‘For You’ introduces you to the different dimensions of the Signum sound, covering oldskool trance, rousing tech, uplifting, Balearic prog and cinematic down-tempo.

If you’re curious about the tracks on ‘For You’ and you can’t really stand the wait, then check out the special album previews on YouTube!  We will upload one track at a time, so you can discover the Signum album before it’s out on December 3rd! Check the previews on YouTube.

1. Cinematical
2. Gonna Take Time (feat. Antonia Lucas)
3. Riddles in the Sand
4. Shamisan
5. Liberate (feat. Kate Louise Smith)
6. Never Be The Same (feat. Julie Thompson)
7. Addicted
8. COS 2010
9. Healesville Sanctuary (ASOT 450 Intro Mix) (& Roger Shah)
10. Beyond this Earth
11. Centurion
12. Ancient World (Signum’s Ambitron Orchestral Mix) (& Roger Shah)

If you want to celebrate the release of the debut album, be sure to be part of the official release party, December 11th in the Crystal venue in Culemborg, Holland! For more info, check here.