Avicii’s ‘Rapture’ remix enraptures dance-land!

December 3rd, 2010

Set to be the biggest tune of the coming months, reviving one of EDM’s biggest classics, we find Avicii’s grand ‘New Generation Mix’ of Nadia Ali’s ‘Rapture’ taking the world by storm. Millions of dance lovers know the lines to this one, chanting along and moving to its seductive rhythm.

Swedish producer Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, gave ‘Rapture’ a real peak-time 2010 punch, twisting delicious, catchy house with melodic prog. With vocals of the queen of dance land on top, you know this is one combination to fall for.  So did SLAM! FM and Dance-Tunes.com.

This weekend, along with next week, Avicii’s New Generation Mix of ‘Rapture’, released on Zouk Recordings, will be the official Grand Slam, making it the most important highlight track on the Dutch station. To download it, you’ve got to check out Dance-Tunes.com, as they’re celebrating along by making the remix their official ‘Tune of the Week’!

Go get it now!