Markus Schulz holds on to #8 in the DJ Mag Top 100!

Markus Schulz holds on to #8 in the DJ Mag Top 100!

October 28th, 2010

It’s been three years of securing the 8th position in the annual DJ Mag Top 100 poll, 36 months of producing one high quality release after another, 156 weeks of touring the world and 1.095 days of living and loving the very best sounds in between trance and progressive. Markus Schulz is, without a doubt, one of the biggest names in electronic music of the moment. When having a look on the previous months, it pretty much explains why.

It weren’t only his singles ‘Dark Heart Waiting’, ‘Perception’ and ‘Rain’, which cast a spell on the global dance scene. First and foremost, Markus’ third artist album ‘Do You Dream?’, which came along as a masterful start-to-finish audio experience in mid-2010, put his fans into a frenzy. Only a short moment later, Markus reached another significant milestone in his career – the 100th release of his very own Coldharbour label.

As one of the most popular DJ’s worldwide, he’s been busy touring the globe and rock crowds at the biggest festivals, clubs and events the dance scene has to offer. With residencies in Ibiza, Las Vegas and London, there’s not many EDM fans out there that haven’t been introduced to his DJ skills yet.

Armada Music would like to congratulate Markus on the 8th position in this year’s DJ Mag Top 100!

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