‘Nein, Mann!’ is superclip on TMF!

September 10th, 2010

What’s the main reason the entire dance scene is learning German now? Indeed, it’s due to the unbelievable success of Laserkraft3d’s banging minimal track ‘Nein, Mann!’, out now on Zouk Recordings. They secured the number 1 position in the German Dance Chart, entered the German Top 10 Single Chart and now even turned into ‘Superclip’ on Dutch music channel TMF!

Apparently, the German duo’s message appeals the global dance society. ‘We don’t care about the time, or anything else – we don’t want to go, we want to dance!’. If you’ve missed out on the hype, or simply want to check it out again and again and again (‘Ja, Mann!’), then check out ‘Nein, Mann!’s extraordinary music video on the Armada YouTube channel!