More exclusive previews of Chris Reece’s ‘The Divine Circle’

More exclusive previews of Chris Reece’s ‘The Divine Circle’

September 23rd, 2010

The wait is almost over. With only a few more days to go till Chris Reece’s debut album ‘The Divine Circle’ finally hits the stores, we’d like to count down the days ‘till September, 24th. We’re going to upload exclusive track previews of ‘The Divine Circle’ on our Armada Music YouTube Channel, to increase the anticipation – track by track!

Start looking forward to catchy house sounds, deep progressive effects and a pinch of trance feel combined with world-famous vocalists like Nadia Ali, Sam Obernik, Abigail Bailey and Colton Ford. Strong, catchy tunes which after years of hard work finally see the light of day on ‘The Divine Circle’ and the Armada Music YouTube Channel! We will present you two new previews a day so be sure to not miss it out!

Check the out on the Armada Music YouTube channel!

  1. Headonism
  2. The Notice (with Nadia Ali)
  3. Still Breathin’ (with Luciana di Nardo)
  4. The Devine Circle
  5. Heart Without A Face (feat. Sam Obernik)
  6. Never Let Me Go (feat. Jennifer Needles)
  7. Searching The Blackbox
  8. Salvation
  9. Tonight (feat. Colton Ford)
  10. Right Back (feat. Romina Andrews)
  11. Madonna’s Secret
  12. I’m With You (with Luciana Di Nardo)
  13. Shades Of Blue (feat. Abigail Bailey)
  14. Island Of Love
  15. Overflow

Check back soon for more previews!