Armada Music announces winners Singing Competition

Armada Music announces winners Singing Competition

August 6th, 2010

The three winners of the Armada Music Singing Competition have been chosen. Vocal talents Gemma Pavlovic , Radmilla Markidonova and Salma Ros will be working with Ernesto vs. Bastian, Shogun and Roger Shah respectively.

With more than 140 entries, the Armada Singing Competition has been a great success. In the 2,5 months of the competition, vocal talents and wannabes exposed themselves to the viewers of the Armada Music YouTube channel, that receives more than half a million views a day. The Dutch record company always likes to keep her eye out for new talent and started the competition with the intention to find new vocalists to work with. Eventually, there were so many producers interested in working with some of the competitors, that Armada Music linked three producers to the competition and named three winners instead of just one. After the A&R team has given approval to the final projects, they’ll be released on one of the Armada sub labels. The search for talent continues with an Armada Talent TV channel on YouTube, where vocalists can upload their videos of singing Armada tracks.

Ernesto vs. Bastian feat. Gemma Pavlovic

Ernesto vs. Bastian, the Dutch duo known for their big room trance sounds as heard on ‘Every Inch A King’ and classic ‘Thrill’, have just been signed to Armada Music. Since the duo was looking for a new vocalist for their forthcoming vocal track, they decided to join the competition. Their absolute favourite is Gemma Pavlovic from Australia. Ernesto vs. Bastian:“Gemma had the best vocal-quality, especially for trance. We are really looking forward working with this new talent.”

Gemma’s entry can be viewed here:

Shogun feat. Radmilla Markidonova

American producer/DJ Andrew Chen touched many prog-trance hearts with his ‘Nadia’ and ‘Save Me’, working together with singers Hannah Ray and Emma Lock. For his next project, he has chosen an unknown Russian talent: Radmilla Markidonova. Andrew, aka Shogun:“I think Radmilla has a very special tone in her voice that really draws you in. It is beautiful and sweet, yet powerful and captivating at the same time. For the track I am planning a progressive trance vocal production, which will also include some Balearic elements.”

Radmilla’s entry can be viewed here:

Roger Shah feat. Salma Ross

With a new artist album ahead, the third Volume of his Magic Island: Music For Balearic People compilation series just released and his own Magic Island label, Roger Shah is enjoying his position on top of EDM land. He’s worked with some of the best vocalists of the dance scene, but is always open to new talent. The Singing Competition was the perfect way for him to find a new vocalist for one of his projects. That talent is going to be Salma Ross, all the way from Dubai. Roger:”I checked all videos and in the end had about 3 interesting singers on my list. I finally picked Salma Ros as my winner. I really like her voice and the way she performed the ‘Unforgivable’ song is amazing. I look forward to do a song with her for my Roger Shah album which is my main project for next year. Salma will be part of my main singers, e.g. Chris Jones, Zara Taylor, Adrina Thorpe, Lorilee, Inger Hansen and some surprise acts! This will be the biggest project I’ve ever done so far and I’m happy to invite her to be a part of it.”

Salma’s entry can be viewed here:

The search for talent continues

Armada Music would like to congratulate all vocalists on their win. The A&R Team will stay in close touch with the producers and the development of the tracks. If the track is approved by the team, it will be released on one of the Armada sub labels. The end of the competition doesn’t mean the end of the Armada Music search for talent though. The search continues with a complete Armada Talent TV channel on YouTube, where vocalists can upload their videos of singing Armada tracks. The A&R team and Armada producers will keep an eye on the uploaded videos, so the channel becomes a breeding ground for talented singers. The Singing Competition will return in the winter season.

All the video entries of the Singing Competition can be found on