Armada iPhone app album pack winners

Armada iPhone app album pack winners

August 12th, 2010

A few weeks back we launched our free Armada iPhone app. Since then thousands of iPhone and iPod Touch users have downloaded it and use it on a daily base. To celebrate the success of the app, a must-have for everyone into our music, we held a little competition!

We sent every Armada app user a push-notification with a hidden code they had to email to us in order to win an Armada Music album package. The response was amazing, but unfortunately we could only pick 5 winners. The album package, including Max Graham’s ‘Radio’, Roger Shah’s third Volume of ‘Magic Island: Music For Balearic People’ and more, has been sent to:

Krystie Sims (Australia)
Henri Wijngaards (The Netherlands)
Alejandro Khaleb (Mexico)
Vanessa Ginting (Indonesia)
Heigo Nitta (Estonia)

Congratulations and enjoy the package!

Be sure to download the free Armada app on iTunes now and stay watch out for new competitions!

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