A flashback of trance history: ‘A Decade Of Trance’

A flashback of trance history: ‘A Decade Of Trance’

August 12th, 2010

In the early 90’s, when we were all still young and innocent, a new hypnotic sound caught the attention. The dance scene was mesmerized by its intricate melodies and lower BPM, bringing everyone into a ‘trance’. What started as an underground movement, quickly grew into being one of the biggest and most popular dance scenes. After psy-trance and euro-trance, the millennium gave us a perfected, grown-up sound.

Ever still developing and changing, it were the past 10 years that kept our passion for the genre alive with high quality releases and outstanding classics. We’d like to honour those years and invite you for a trip back in time. Armada Music’s ‘A Decade of Trance’ series takes you down memory lane and indulges you with all your favourite trance classics of the year 2000-2010.

In the past five months we’ve already presented 2001 to 2005, 5 packs with the essence of trance that year. On every ‘Decade of Trance’ release you’ll find 15 tracks, by the likes of Push, Marco V, Ernesto vs. Bastian, Armin van Buuren, Yahel,  Cygnus X, Robert Nickson, Rank 1, Pulser, Lolo, Mark Otten and many more.

Within the upcoming five months we are going to continue our journey in time. Turn up the volume on ‘A Decade of Trance’ 2001-2005 and start looking forward to another five editions of ‘A Decade of Trance’ !

A Decade of Trance – 2001
A Decade of Trance – 2002
A Decade of Trance – 2003
A Decade of Trance – 2004
A Decade of Trance – 2005