New summer ringtones!

New summer ringtones!

June 30th, 2010

Be aware, there’s a new virus in town and it’s spreading fast. People get so annoyed with their standard ringtones, they are now refusing calls. Medical scientists advise you to change your ringtone immediately! If you want to get rid of the virus completely, you definitely need the new ring tones out of Armada Music’s mobile section.

We’ve just updated our medical supplies with some of the latest summer hits. They’re big at festivals, throb your heart to the rhythm of its beat and make your booty shake. There’s just no getting around the remake of 2006 hit ‘Just Won’t Do’, in a 2010 version of Analog People In A Digital World. There’s no ignoring ‘Trip‘en’ of Swedish producer StoneBridge either. The floorsweeper of the nineties, ‘Bora Bora, remade by Da Hool himself, also found its ringtone translation in the mobile shop. Last but not least, the Dash Berlin interpretation of Solid Sessions classic ‘Janeiro’ is ready to rock your phone.

But we have to warn you guys; studies point out several side effect – mainly causing everyone to stop answering calls…you’re just too busy enjoying that ringtone. Looks like we’re taking over with a new virus.

Check them out now in the mobile section!