Music video ‘Max Graham – Dusky 2010′ online!

Music video ‘Max Graham – Dusky 2010′ online!

June 18th, 2010

Though we’re only halfway 2010, it’s obvious that the year is all about the return of Max Graham. After a one-year break, he returned with a 12 track strong force called ‘Radio’, his debut album. First single was the dazzling trancer ‘Sun In The Winter’, featuring Neev Kennedy.

A few months later, it was time for the follow-up. A familiar track seduces the speakers as soon as you press play on Max’ ‘Dusky 2010’. This remake of his progressive classic ‘Does She Know Yet’ has just been released on his Re*Brand label, and shows that Max is in perfect shape and rocks it down with a fresh sound.

‘Dusky 2010 (Does She Know Yet)’ is exclusively available on Beatport.

If you’re up for a stunning visual-experience, be sure to check the official music video of the track on the Armada Music YouTube channel.

Download the debut album ‘Radio’, featuring collabs with Jessica Riddle, Ana Criado, KiloWatts, Jo Tabasco and more, on iTunes!