Armin – Full Focus is this week’s Grand Slam!

June 28th, 2010

The very first single of Armin’s forthcoming album ‘Mirage’ has only been out for a few days – but it’s already caused a loud bang. It’s been given a warm welcome by the trance scene and trance family. No surprise really, given its powerful sound, techy effects and strong dramatic touch. ‘Full Focus’ is ready to get all of you in an enchanting state of trance, right there on the dance floor, behind your computer, on your way to work, or wherever you feel the music most.

This week, ‘Full Focus’ is SLAM FM!’s official ‘Grand Slam’. And that’s certainly good news, for SLAM FM! is one of Holland’s biggest dance radio stations. So for Dutchies, there’s just no getting around ‘Full Focus’!

If you didn’t get it yet, be sure to download ‘Full Focus’ on iTunes or check the official music video on the Armada Music YouTube Channel!

For more info about the Grand Slam, check

Download ‘Full Focus’ now on iTunes.