Aly & Fila’s Rising Sun MixMag album of the month!

June 21st, 2010

A favourite of the trance scene, already locked in their heart. Well received by the press. Supported by the DJ’s. Egyptian duo Aly & Fila couldn’t have had a better kick-off of their debut album.

It all started with the release-party at Armada Night, when hundreds of fans were awaiting their favourite trance DJ, Fila, to light up the Amsterdam Westerunie with some explosively good trance vibes. 3 hours of pure bliss passed, and everyone went home looking forward to hear the ‘Rising Sun’ album and relive the night.

If you haven’t got the album yet, be sure to get it on iTunes now, or order it on

Not convinced yet? Then check out what Mix Mag wrote about their ‘Album of the Month’:
“Pyramids, the Nile, mummies: all potential inspiration for the debut artist album from Egypt’s finest dance duo. Released via Armada on their own Future Sound of Egypt imprint, Aly & Fila have hit gold with ‘Rising Sun’. Fifteen spellbinding productions without even one weak moment, from captivating big vocal pairings with Katherine Crowe, Tiff Lacey and Josie to thumping power collaborations alongside Activa and Bjorn Akesson, this is the finest artist album we have heard in a long time, lovingly crafted in a way that makes perfect sense and that manages to achieve the oft-used cliché of taking the listener on a ‘journey’. Can’t wait to see what the inevitable A-list cast of remixers deliver on the single releases, of which there are sure to be many.”

We also recorded a special video interview with Fila, to ask him all about the tracks on the album, the reason he collaborated with the artists and vocalists and…how Egyptian’s really dance! Check out the exclusive interview here on the Armada Music YouTube channel.

The tour continues
For those that want to experience an Aly & Fila set, be sure to check them out during one of their tourdates around the globe – from Greece to Cyprus, UK, Turkey and Thailand to China, Japan, Colombia and more!

July 3 – Destination Sunshine, Athens, Greece
July 17 – Ultrafestival , Moscow
July 23 – UK launch, The Gallery, Ministry of Sound, London
July 24 – Airport Jam, Estonia
July 30 – Guaba the Concert, Cyprus
July 31 – Van Gogh, Miass, Russia
August 7 – Glasshouse, Marmaris, Turkey
August 20 – Luxy, Taiwan
August 21 – Narcissus, Bangkok, Thailand
September 10 – Obama, Shanghai, China
September 11 – Zouk – Singapore
September 12 – Ligaya, Tokyo, Japan
September 18 – Trance 4 Life, Forum, Meddelin, Colombia
September 24 – Maddoxx, Afi palace, Pardubice, Czech Republic