Storm – Huri-Khan

Storm – Huri-Khan

April 8th, 2010

A hurricane of oldskool sounds is heading off your way. You’d be surprised how well a 1998 track by Storm still works on today’s dancefloors. Armada Music is re-releasing the Storm hits of German producer duo Jam & Spoon, who scored big time with tracks like ‘Time To Burn’, ‘Animal’ and ‘Storm’. Rolf Ellmer and the in 2006 deceased Markus Löffel are responsible for the damage their ‘Huri-Khan’ has caused, with a deep, housy progressive sound that touches acid trance.

A timeless classic, that comes with 3 different remixes. The Chris Liebing, Pose-E Diva and More Balls Big Club remixes add some spice to the already wicked original.

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  1. Huri-Khan (Radio Mix)
  2. Huri-Khan (More Balls Big Club Mix)
  3. Huri-Khan (Pose-E-Diva’s Club Mix)
  4. Huri-Khan (Chris Liebings Less Bollocks Mix)