Out now: Sunlounger – The Downtempo Edition

Out now: Sunlounger – The Downtempo Edition

January 25th, 2010

There’s a calmness under the warm waves of Roger Shah’s music. Over the past 4 years, the German music creator has warmed the trance scene with several strong, Balearic trance productions. Whether played out in their dance versions for the ten thousands of clubbers, or slipped into the ears through home speakers or headphones in the chilled out lounge versions, Shah’s tracks have pleased crowds all across the globe.

Shah released some of his biggest productions under the Sunlounger moniker. The very first Sunlounger track, ‘White Sand’ turned the heads and made the trance scene wonder who managed to capture the Balearic spirit so perfectly. Their need to hear more was fulfilled with two complete Sunlounger albums, ‘Another Day On The Terrace’ in 2007, followed by ‘Sunny Tales’ in 2008.

‘Sunlounger – The Downtempo Edition’ is a collection of the chill versions of the tracks of both albums. 24 guitar-driven, melodic infusions of pure sunlight captured in beats, synths and the true Shah sound. Relax, ease your mind and slip this one into your player. Let the Balearic senses take over completely, with Sunlounger as your guide.

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Disc 1
01. Another Day On The Terrace
02. In & Out
03. White Sand
04. Losing Again
05. A Balearic Dinner
06. Crawling
07. Aguas Blancas
08. Keep Our Ring
09. Hierbas Ibicencas
10. Lounging By The Sea
11. Shine On Me
12. Lumumba

Disc 2
01. Sunny Tales
02. Change Your Mind
03. Mediterranean Flower
04. Lost
05. Spirited Hideout
06. Heart Of The Sun
07. Punta Galera
08. Your Name
09. Catwalk
10. Talk To Me
11. Ingsha
12. A Balearic Breakfast