StoneBridge’s morning after

StoneBridge’s morning after

January 18th, 2010

Whether you wake up in your own bed or someone else’s and whether you’ve had a rough night or slept like a baby, the morning after will be good. Stretch yourself and turn up the volume, cause StoneBridge’s ‘The Morning After’ is the best way to get your day started and prepare yourself for the next. We hooked up with the Swedish producer to ask him all about this new sexy tune, the first single of his forthcoming artist album. Let’s see what StoneBridge’s morning is all about.

Happy New Year Stone!  Has the holiday season been good to you?
StoneBridge: “Thank you! Yes it’s been great, even though it’s peak season in Australia so I did a tour there and New Zealand then Phuket. Not too much chilling, but the weather was a lot better than Northern Europe !”

You decided to kick off 2010 with a new single, as the first single of the forthcoming album. What’s the meaning behind the track?
StoneBridge:”It’s basically a love song about a girl who wants to know if she’s in or out the morning after. It’s actually a new version of a song I remixed back in 2005. I know the writer and we decided to rework it as it never got the attention it deserved. I hooked up with the DaYeene girls again and I’m really excited about the vibe of the single and forthcoming album.”

How is it doing in the scene at the moment? We heard a little thing from Carl Cox supporting it?
StoneBridge: “If you mean the scene in general, I think it’s very good at the moment as people seem to want more music again after a pretty minimal phase. I think having guys like Carl Cox supporting the single is another sign. Very happy about the feedback all across the board, from Hed Kandi to Judge Jules to Carl Cox to mention a few.”

A special music video was shot for ‘The Morning After’, with quite a lot of story lines in it. What binds these different shots?
StoneBridge:”It’s a very clever video and totally original. You follow different people experience a morning after. Totally love the quality of the film and have a little cameo in a polaroid photo.”

How is the artist-album doing? Is it nearly done yet?
StoneBridge: “I’ve got the songs and am doing the final touches to the whole thing. I had about twenty songs and picked the best ten to get a classic selection. I have some really good stuff on there and I personally think it’s the best album I’ve done so far.”

What else can we expect to hear from Stoney this year? Any special releases on the label?
StoneBridge: “As I have worked on the album and toured a lot since last summer, the label has had a little break, but we will come back with some slamming material this spring + the album and singles from that of course.”