Interview with Danilo Ercole

Interview with Danilo Ercole

January 18th, 2010

The Brazilian vibe has struck January with a heat wave called ‘That Same Song Again’. The proggy beat of Danilo Ercole, backed up with a deep bass and provoking kicks, make sure this month won’t be one of holiday-blues, but one to celebrate the new year. We hooked up with Danilo to see how 2009 has treated him and to find out some more about that splendid release on the Soundpiercing imprint…

First off: happy new year! How do you look back onto 2009? Has the year been good to you?
Danilo: “Hello and happy new year to you and all of the Armada family! 2009 was a good year for me, with lots of releases and support around the world, a few amazing gigs around the country, getting my name on the map and making my sound stronger than ever.”

How have the reactions been to ‘Harbour’ and ‘Broken Wings’?
Danilo:”Really good! People have been asking me about it when I played them in my sets. They were literally screaming and singing when I played it, is a unexplainable feeling.”

A few months back you told us you were in the early stages of working on an album. How is it going so far?
Danilo:”The album is still in progress. My main idea is 2 cd’s. One with my ‘regular’ sound and another with some deep twisted experimental sound. I’ve just finished a couple of tunes, so let’s see what I can do.”

What about gigs, any special ones coming up?
Danilo: “I got some amazing gigs to start off the year. Next week I’ll return to my favorite club here in Brazil, the Club Nox in Recife city. This is one of the best clubs in Brasil and I have really good friends there, so that means party all the time!”

There’s a new EP coming out on Soundpiercing, ‘That Same Song Again’. Where does the name come from and what else can you tell us about the track?
Danilo:”‘That Same Song Again’ means exactly the opposite of the name, since I’m always trying to make new kind of tracks. This tune is an example of it, different from all my past productions.”

2010 has only just started, but what can we expect to hear from you this year?
Well, I hope 2010 will be even more amazing than 2009. As for the production side, the year just started and I’m really busy in studio with lots of remixes to finish and some new tunes coming. I hope I can finish the album this year too. As for dj’ing, I hope I can visit lots a lot of places in the world I haven’t been yet.”