Out now: X-Mas Chill Out

Out now: X-Mas Chill Out

December 9th, 2009

Done ‘Driving Home For Christmas’? Fed up with the countless sustained notes of Mariah? Right about time to cut loose of the stereotype, and enjoy the Christmas days with the real Christmas spirit. No outdated chanting or old-fashioned repetition, but a tasty selection of down-tempo lounge tracks, that make this busy time one of ultimate relaxation.

Just imagine the snow, cause ‘X-Mas Chill Out’ serves a warm sound. Profound beats, deep, melodic spins and crystal-clear vocals, with 25 acoustic highlights on each cd. Find the ultimate way of spending Christmas with tracks by Armin van Buuren, Sunlouger, Jan Vayne, Lowland, Arnej, Lustral and many more!

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