Dash Berlin live in Russia

Dash Berlin live in Russia

December 23rd, 2009

Dash Berlin is conquering the world in a rapid pace. His latest tour schedule jetted him from Poland, Romania and Russia to Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. The first leg of Dash Berlin’s ‘The New Daylight 2010 World Tour’ kicks off in Australia in January and currently encompasses Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. This means long flights, frequent jet lags and lots of checking in and out of anonymous hotels, but you won’t see this ‘Flying Dutchman’ complain, he is living his dream with a big smile on his face. Dash: “I am constantly meeting people that came to party, what more can I wish for?”

The year 2009 was an important year for Dash and comes to a positive end with a lot of chart successes. His album ‘The New Daylight’ recently reached the number one spot at Germany’s Amazon and the third successful album single in line is ‘Waiting’ feat. Emma Hewitt that made it to number one as well on Germany’s premier Dance station ‘Sunshine Live’ and Mexico’s Radio Beat 1009 FM. After the recent ‘Big Hit’ radio debut in Belgium, the track entered there in this week’s Official Top 100 Chart at number 25!

Check out the latest Dash Berlin TV tour footage from one of the major Trance festivals in Russia, where Dash was one of the highly anticipated headliners of the night.

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