Interview with Supersub

Interview with Supersub

November 13th, 2009

Hold on tight and grab those speaker cables, cause the new Supersub EP is about to blow you away. All house forces are packed in their ‘Summer Showdown’ and ‘Catchy & Patchy’, out now on the Pilot 6 imprint. It’s Dutch producer duo Johan Vermeulen and Freek Geuze who are responsible for the damage it’s causing on the dance floor. It’s taken them two years to come up with a follow-up to their ‘Shiny Bullets’, so right about time for a short questionnaire on what these house-freaks have been up to.

It’s been a while, so we have to start with a FAQ: How are you guys doing?
Supersub: “We’re fine, busy as always. We attended ADE, met some nice people, played at a cool event, had lots of fun. So yeah, we’re doing great!”

In 2007, it were ‘Shiny Bullets’ and ‘So Sexy’ that gave birth to the Supersub alias. How do you guys look back upon those two?
Supersub: “We think ‘Shiny Bullets’ was an underrated floorfiller. It still kicks ass. ‘So Sexy’ is more average house music, but the A-side was a killer track in our honest opinion!”

What’s happened since?
Supersub:”Since then we made lots of music, mostly with our Fine Taste guise. And of course the collab with Bas Thomas and Stanford. Now we’ve got some new Supersub’s coming up!”

How has the Supersub sound evolved in the meantime?
Supersub: “Same as all our stuff. We just enter our studio and start with something which is on or mind.. nothing special actually! With the Supersub project we try to focus on mainstream dance music with recognizable melodies and grooves.”

You’re also the guys behind the Global Illumination project. Any news on that one?
Supersub: “Yeah, we just made a nice new melodic track called ‘La Cocotera’ and we’re waiting for you guys to sign it, hehehe!”

‘Summer Showdown’ and ‘Catchy & Patchy’ are about to be released on the Pilot 6 imprint. What can you tell us on these babies?
Supersub: “‘Summer Showdown’ is an anthem kinda house track with a big break and melody. ‘Catchy & Patchy’ has a more minimalistic drive. But in our opinion describing music is like looking at the pictures of a menu card. It looks nice, but it still can taste ugly. So, just check them out!”

What else does Supersub have in store for the near future?
Supersub: “Some nice music, if it’s up to us!”