New Armada Releases (38)

New Armada Releases (38)

October 14th, 2009

Dawn of the Uprising

After a period of absence, sound-designers Manuel Schleis and Dennis Gertner are back. With ‘Unexpectation’, ‘Explain’ and ‘Temptation’ still fresh in memory they bring us a fresh selection of sounds and provide us a playful trancer with a mysterious undertone. ‘Dawn Of The Uprising’ is genuinely build, bringing out the best of the synth-driven break and tasty techy violence afterwards.
While the original Denga vs Manus remix is close to perfect, the Lehm & Gras remix is more flowing and deeper.

1. Dawn Of The Uprising (Denga vs Manus Mix)
2. Dawn Of The Uprising (Lehm & Gras Remix)

Eclipse / The Morning After

With 10 productions out on the label already, Andrew Beiderwieden feels very much at home on the Pilot 6 imprint. His Kismet adventure started in early 2008, with the ‘Audiophile’ & ‘Borderline’ EP. The Kismet side-project would help Andrew to speak his mind on all the other styles that he gave life to. ‘Staten Island’, ‘Endorphine’ and ‘Lost Language’ followed shortly after. Every season brings a new Kismet, so with autumn coming up in Germany, Andrew delivers again.
‘Eclipse’ is another fine-tuned, housy track with a catchy groove to it, while ‘The Morning After’ is driven by melody and rides on a soulful vocal sample and synth.

1. Eclipse
2. The Morning After

Michael Calderone & Christopher Reddick
Sound of Flight

LA residents Michael Calderone and Christopher Reddick took care of quite a highlight on Markus Schulz’ ‘Toronto ’09′ album. Not often does one catch the pure Coldharbour sound, but these guys did. With ‘Sound of Flight’, Calderone and Reddick come up with an anthem of its own merit, yet more than fit for the Coldharbour label.
‘Sound of Flight’ takes off with a deep-digging bassline, getting the track in shape for a melodic invasion later. Smooth guitar, solid sweeps of progressive and a big dose of feel-good, that’s what make this one stand out.
‘Sound of Flight’ gets a big room upgrade by fellow Americans Grube & Horvsepian, smoothing the track to an outstanding remix.

1. Sound of Flight (Original Mix)
2. Sound of Flight (Grube & Hovsepian Remix)

Fabio XB feat. Micky Vi
Make This Your Day

The deeper side of vocal progressive belongs to Italian producer Fabio XB. Not only known for his work under moniker Alex Bartlett but for his vocal gems ‘Inside of You’ and ‘Light to Lies’ as well, Fabio has put himself on the map as a versatile producer with a distinct sound. For ‘Make This Your Day’, Fabio teamed up with singer Micky Vi, delivering another fine addition to the S107 label.
Sensitive vocals, touching synths and a loud, techy outburst after the break make this one a real pleasure to the ear. Remixers in this package are no one less than Belgian hotshot Jonas Steur and UK remix-king Gareth Emery. While Jonas Steur flirts around with a playful housy sound, slipping into vocoder madness and stripping the track down to an essential amount of instruments.
Gareth Emery’s remix remains closer to the original yet loses the essential structure and builds up to a true dancefloor killer. The title says it all; turn it up and ‘Make This Your Day’.

1. Make This Your Day (Original Vocal Mix)
2. Make This Your Day (Original Dub Mix)
3. Make This Your Day (Gareth Emery Remix)
4. Make This Your Day (Gareth Emery Dub Remix)
5. Make This Your Day (Jonas Steur Remix)
6. Make This Your Day (Jonas Steur Dub Remix)
7. Make This Your Day (Jonas Steur Acapella)