Dash Berlin – Renegade (feat. DJ Remy)

Dash Berlin – Renegade (feat. DJ Remy)

September 21st, 2009

It won’t be long before the long-awaited Dash Berlin album will be out. After kicking off with international hit ‘Man On The Run’ on the brand new Aropa Recordings label, Dash Berlin is now ready to hit in with ‘The New Daylight’. The Dutch producer collective, with Jeffrey Sutorius as the front man and DJ, now offer you a taste of their album with special iTunes releases. Last week, ‘Feel U Here’ was releases, this week it’s ‘Renegade’ that’ll introduce you to their sound. ‘Renegade’ is one with definite impact. Dash Berlin joined forces with DJ Remy, giving the progressive Dash Berlin style a thick tech-house twist. Diversity’s calling in this one.

Dash Berlin - Renegade (feat. DJ Remy) - Single

Feel U Here + To Be The One
The first 2 tracks of the forthcoming Dash Berlin album, ‘The New Daylight’, are now available on iTunes. The full album will be released October 5th, but we’ll give you a chance to taste some of it even before it’s out!

Feel U Here
Dash Berlin - Feel U Here - Single

To Be The One
Dash Berlin - To Be the One (feat. Idaho) - Single