Dakota – Sin City video online !

Dakota – Sin City video online !

September 18th, 2009

The Dakota sound has been spreading like a contagious feel-good virus. Though it may not have seemed an obvious choice to release a full album under a different alias, Markus Schulz proved that his success isn’t just carried upon his name. It’s the sounds that matter. The Dakota album ‘Thoughts Become Things’ sure isn’t pressed for the good sounds.

Unveiled and highly regarded on Markus Schulz’s much acclaimed CD compilation, Toronto ’09, ‘Sin City’ is the third single to be released from the Dakota album, ‘Thoughts Become Things’. Sin City has been an almost permanent fixture on Global DJ Broadcast playlists since March, particularly on the World Tour recordings. ‘Sin City’ is another upfront progressive track with deep impact. Different, yet characteristically Markus.

The official music video for ‘Sin City’ is online now. Let’s see what sin is about, according to Dakota.

Check ‘Sin City’ on YouTube!