Dash Berlin album ‘The New Daylight’

Dash Berlin album ‘The New Daylight’

September 17th, 2009

Dash Berlin is the future.

Dash Berlin started to set things alight in early 2007, when mega-hit ‘Till The Sky Falls Down’ shattered into the many club-nights, to be followed by several successful remixes. Supported by the big DJ’s out there, Dash continued his journey in the ever-evolving dance music culture. Backed up by his legendary production team; Molijn & Kalberg, Dash Berlin is designing an ambitious and unprecedented new division in Trance, critically acclaimed as the ‘Dash Berlin Sound’. Futuristic, scintillating, but above all, moving and emotive music that relates to the universal dance floor experience, shared by innumerable music fans from multifarious cultures around the globe.

After the initial success things progressed naturally into the next big step for Dash, which was setting up his personal foundation for future music in the form of his own, freshly inaugurated imprint. Aropa Records, launched in March 2008 as an official part of the Armada Music group, kicked off with a massive collaboration with Cerf, Mitiska and Jaren on the international Trance anthem ‘Man On The Run’. The creation of a full Dash Berlin album was the next logical step for the energetic Dutch DJ.

So here it is, ‘The New Daylight’. The album is an ode to all the people worldwide who have been supporting him and the scene in general. According to Dash, it’s not about the DJ, it’s about the people that live and breathe the music. ‘There is no Dash Berlin without them’, he says humbly.

It’s that universal, hopeful feeling, a feeling of togetherness and unity that is the main inspiration for the album. “I’m optimistic about the world and the future”, Dash says, “people are sharing so much knowledge and information nowadays, we are getting wiser with every new daylight”.

Stay tuned for more; hence Dash Berlin is the future.

01 Till The Sky Falls Down
02 Man On The Run (with Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren)
03 Wired (ft. Susana)
04 Waiting (ft. Emma Hewitt)
05 Never Cry Again
06 To Be The One (ft. Idaho)
07 End Of Silence (ft. Rowald Steyn & Nina Deli)
08 The Night Time
09 Renegade (ft. DJ Remy)
10 Janeiro (ft. Solid Sessions)
11 Feel U Here
12 The New Daylight

Feel U Here + To Be The One
The first 2 tracks of the forthcoming Dash Berlin album, ‘The New Daylight’, are now available on iTunes. The full album will be released October 5th, but we’ll give you a chance to taste some of it even before it’s out!

Feel U Here
Dash Berlin - Feel U Here - Single

To Be The One
Dash Berlin - To Be the One (feat. Idaho) - Single