Dash Berlin – Feel U Here

Dash Berlin – Feel U Here

September 11th, 2009

The first track of the forthcoming Dash Berlin album, ‘The New Daylight’, is now available on iTunes. The full album will be released October 5th, but we’ll give you a chance to taste some of it even before it’s out!

‘Feel U Here’ is the track that kicks off this special offer. Even though the full album is a blur of different styles, ‘Feel You Here’ is trance all the way! It starts off big room, but crashes in with a mind-staggering, dramatic break only a few shivering moments later. Fragility translates itself with a haunting and sensitive but strong voice, spine-tingling piano and a marry-go-round of upfront beats.

Until 5 October, a new track will find its way out every week. This offer will include a special discount to the rest of the album, after downloading the 4 tracks. Coming up, are ‘To Be The One’, ‘Renegade’ and ‘Waiting’. But this week, we’ll let you enjoy ‘Feel U Here’, an outstanding Dash Berlin release.

Dash Berlin - Feel U Here - Single