tyDi’s topping the Beatport charts!

tyDi’s topping the Beatport charts!

August 31st, 2009

The month of August has been treating Australia’s youngest superstar DJ more than well. Shortly after prolonging his status as the number one DJ of Australia, it’s tyDi’s tracks ‘Somehow’ and ‘You Walk Away’ that are on top as well. Two bangers of tracks, with Tyson’s profound sound in perfect shape.

‘Somehow’, in collaboration with producer Dennis Sheperd and singer Marcie, is making waves in the Beatport Trance charts at the second position. tyDi’s solo-track with singer Audrey Gallagher, ‘You Walk Away’ stormed up the charts in no time and has now, on the first day of its release, ended up at the first position!

Download ‘tyDi & Dennis Sheperd feat. Marcie – Somehow’

Download ‘tyDi feat. Audrey Gallagher – You Walk Away’