Flashback album: Markus Schulz –  Ibiza ’06

Flashback album: Markus Schulz – Ibiza ’06

August 27th, 2009

Since the late eighties, when house music flew over from USA to England and all other European countries, Ibiza has been the center of dance music in summer. Part of the clash of elite DJ’s invading the island every summer – is Markus Schulz. Every summer he returns to play at Club Amnesia, and discovers more about this beautiful island in the few days he’s there.
In 2006, the island inspired him to do something special. He made an aural snapshot of his summermonths at Ibiza, and featured them onto ‘Ibiza ’06′, a compilation album with a summery slice of Balearic action in keeping with the prog-trance vibe that’s been permeating the island.

From the opening chords of track one, Ohmna’s People Get Lost – a deep Balearic guitar track – the mix weaves in and out through the sort of tunes you’d expect from the head of the Coldharbour imprint. Since setting the label up through Armada, Markus has spotted and championed a number of new talents, many of whom have gone on to enjoy global success themselves. Among them are Benya, Mimas, Andy Moor and Ambrosial. But many others have also found their moment of glory in this tightly mixed album.

At the very edge of summer, Armada Music makes you bounce back to the warm days of a past summer, the one in 2006. We now offer you the album for only € 7,99 on iTunes. Kick back, relax and let those summer beats by Markus Schulz take over.

Various Artists - Markus Schulz Ibiza '06


01: Ohmna – People Get Lost
02: Benya – Mimas
03: Jose Amnesia Feat. Jennifer Rene – Louder
04: Joost Van der Vleuten- New Horizon
05: Lens – Dusk Till Dawn (Alex Stealthy Remix)
06: Progresia – The Shelter
07: Francis Blaid – Mystery (Allende Remix)
08: Niklas Harding & Funabashi – Addictive
09: Alex Monakhov – Feel Lonely
10: Turning The Curve – Benz & MD (Original mix)
11: Nick Thompson- Strategos
12: 4Mal & Matthew Adams featuring Corey Andrew – Technology & Computer Parts
13: Chuck Luis – Collision
14: DJ Remy – Wink

01: Ormatie – Glossow (Original mix)
02: Joonas Hahmo – The Fusion (Hawk Remix)
03: Perry O’Neil – South-West Saga
04: Baltic Sound – Glimmer (Micah and Joel Armstrong’s Ruhnsong remix)
05: Andy Moor vs Orkidea – YearZero
06: Kenneth Thomas – Achems Razor
07: Roland Klinkenberg – Whats The Point
08: Nick Thompson – Once Upon A Time
09: Markus Schulz ft. Anita Kelsey – First Time (Funabashi Remix)
10: Algarve – Greasepaint
11: Ambrosial – Sunshift (Arthur Schmidt of Basic Perspective Remix)
12: Kyau & Albert – Kiksu
13: Sassot -Where It All Begun
14. Breakfast – The Air Between